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Worlds Collide
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What makes a person 'extraordinary'? By definition, is someone who isn't ordinary. Someone who isn't your everyday Joe. Is someone who isn't you. Or me. Is someone who does instead of planning. Is someone who stands out.

Rock Stars. Celebrities. What do they have that's so special, so unique? Talent, obviously. Most of the times, at least. Money. Fame. Fans. Groupies. Overdoses. Charity. They're God, the Devil and everything you'll wish you could ever be but you know you won't ever have the guts nor the talent for.

Super Heroes. Like the rock stars, they were once like you and me. Regular. Average. Ordinary. Until something amazing happened to them and they decided to repay the universe for the luck (though some don't consider it as such) by protecting it. Or destroying it.

Those two groups have nothing in common. And they have everything in common. And now they will be united in the same universe. To live among each other. But how well will they mingle....when their worlds collide?

Worlds Collide is a Marvel/Bandom x-over slash and het friendly community that's based on the relationships between these two unusual groups. We're taking more famous DC/Darkhorse/Vertigo characters and we'll have a limited number of OCs allowed. Primarily, it's a movieverse comm as for the comic book chars, but in case the char you want doesn't have a 'movie face' or you just don't like who they cast for him/her in the movie, we're accepting PBs.

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